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I welcome you
to the world of unlimited potential.

My name is Elina and I am a neo-sacred-geometry artist / Universe explorer.

Through the codes embedded in geometrics, through lines, paths and symbols you are able to receive the information which is waiting to be decoded and transcended through your own experience. My part in this play is to prepare and execute the transmission: you might not always understand (with your human mind) what the lines & drawings reflect, but as it all holds particular frequency, if you are open to receive, you are going taste all the magic seeds planted in the geometrical patterns. Art is a way shower.


I must say geometric art is a form of Light Language where it's main purpose is to activate pathways of lines of your life. It's a non-verbal language. Through the process of experimentation, I tapped into Light Language as a non-ordinary language and to use it for transmitting important messages from the Spirit.

Writing down (whatever the 'language' is) on paper is one of the ways how to manifest desired feel & look of your physical being faster, as it holds particular frequency of a pure intention.


I started to feel beyond the language, beyond the written words and I developed ability to communicate with the God in this magical way.



When geometrics started to flow through me, I couldn't catch the bigger picture and why it would be essential to go this way.  All the experiences I've gone through (mostly all type of relationships between two humans) showed me the importance of my own "thing", of my own freedom of expression.

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