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My name is Elina and I am a neo-sacred-geometry artist / Universe explorer. I feel I am allowed to be whatever I choose to be.

I am 29y young soul if we count years and follow the calendar in this lifetime, otherwise I feel much older than that.


To understand me, I would like to shortly touch my family history. My childhood and youth years I've spent in a small country named Latvia. I was raised in a village with a simple and very basic living conditions. My mother was digging her way through many hardships what was the result of drastic conditioning in her young years but my father was always a silent ocean, and he decided to leave this realm when I was 18. I am still ucpacking the Gift he left for me. My grandpa was a musician with golden hands, he knew how to mold metals & turn them into functional and useful objects. I remember the sounds early summer mornings which came out of his forge: he was about to master something what other people just weren't able to accomplish at that time. My grandma is a doctor, passionate about alternative healing through the plants &  developing her own natural remedies. In hers 86 she's in a perfect shape. I think that genetic codes resides within me as well.

After graduation at 19, I chose to move to the capital to study Advertising & PR. Meanwhile I jumped into heavy and intense sports & for 1,5y studied Health Sport. And then I decided to quit. I knew my Higher  Purpose is calling me and I had no choice but to follow because I felt: I have a mission.  I moved to Hamburg, Germany, what was the real life changer. Moving cities was a spontaneous decision, and with that I mean - one week. My existence here at this time is not a coincidence, I am meant to break through the old cycles and show you that it's possible to build a joyful and effortless life while maintaining self care, stability and abundance through the strong connection with your own inner guidance system. Everything else will follow. I followed it again, and came back to my roots. To the now:hereland.

I see the Higher Power within all what I encounter.  Conscious living & embracing the divine Creator within me has literally changed my life. I say this, and teardrops of infinite gratitude flow down my cheeks.

I wish you to remember your true Nature. Blessings & miracles of E A C H   D A Y is a  R E A L thing. 



I started my way with no clue how it's going to develop. My art through the stream of constant changes brought me additional forms I would like to bring to life through the vision of Archived Alchemy.


I believe that art reflects a lot of wisdom we keep within us even without knowing it. Alchemy is a science from medieval times when scientists added metaphysical prism to the process of chemistry and they tried to find a formula how to turn base metals into gold. Metaphorically  this is a way of human evolution & transcendence. We all are capable of this magical transmutation if we use the right tools. Archives is the symbol for the inner knowledge of ancestors and your own unique footprint on Earth. It's your secret library where you can access all the information you need to live your life with pleasure & follow your passions and dreams.



I speak through the art of geometric constellations & light language scripts and activate your superpowers here on Earth. Through the power of your intent you allow these codes to reach you. It doesn’t matter if your mind understands it in a human-ish way, most important  is what you feel and what memories are brought up from the archives of your soul  when you interact with this divine art.



1995, Latvia, potato field

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