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Light language resides within all of us whether we are aware or not. Aspect of developing intuition & jumping out of boxes more or less comes up in our daily lives but very often people ignore it, not even knowing that it was a chance to bring more light, more happiness, more  pleasure in.  It’s opening ourselves to the riddles life throws at us and remembering how it is to learn through the play.

When a lot of signs and synchronicities lead me to writing, drawing, as well as delivering specific messages to specific people, I got the bigger picture for my own life. I do it because I truly enjoy doing it. I love to be a transmitter of universal knowledge, just so you know: I own but I don’t own the art. These cosmic codes are being diffused with my own being, that’s why the way I show up is unique and special, and most likely you won’t see something like this from somebody else.  I was expecting that my soul came here to speak through art. Years before I started to consciously pull the weeds out of my garden to let the flowers bloom again. In order to communicate this way, I need to be calm, clear & free. 

I say: it's a letter from the Creator. Whoever it is for you, whoever and whatever you believe in. There is much more beneath the visible and tangible things around us. Our sensory receptors work in tandem with the evolution of Earth and  of the whole infinite Universe. That’s why my and art in general move beyond the known & magnetize us to higher frequencies in a very benevolent way.


Mysticism and esotericism (you choose the label) have always been among us, although the average human still asks for scientific proof which (surprise, surprise) exists, for example, in quantum physics. You know, science is meant to change on a daily basis as the world spins, as the world is giving birth and going through death each day.


It all started pretty fast. Although I was introduced to light language a while ago, it didn't ring my bells at first but I was amazed by people who were practicing it: hey, they can actually write without needing common words, speak the language nobody can misunderstand! Why do I say it so bravely? Because, look around, you already have enough examples in your life when you talk with somebody but on the other side your words are being interpreted in a very strange way. And k-ching, the information you transmit is not the same information somebody receives. But with the light language, it’s fascinating, how the information we receive is putting our always rushing mind on a pause.

When you ask me, where exactly it comes from, at the moment I write this down, I say: I don't know. As I am a teacher and a student at the same time, not always I have all the answers. My mind really wants to get this exact answer  because everyone else in spiritual communities (this is my own insecurity) knows who they connect with and where it is rooted. So far I've been connecting myself with Atlantis and Mu civilization, as well as Lemurians and, for sure, Ancient Egypt. Everything else will show up as further I go, I just know it.

Never before I had so much magic, so much love around me, so much unexpected opportunities. When I collect the feedback from those, who have received these messages, I'm blown away. Very often that drawing/writing is a lighthouse when one's ship has lost the way to the island.

I want to practice more, with each attempt I am expanding my own abilities, and it's been exciting to be an observer of my own life. This is a huge Gift in front of me, and I can do nothing but to share it.

If you follow me on social media, for a while I've done it for free, and for sure those possibilities will pop up again, as I am a giver. Giving is so fulfilling. But on the other side, my energy needs to be recharged, if I want to maintain health & wealth in all areas of my life. That's why you are very welcome to visit my shop and check out the offer I cooked with love for you.


personal message

from cosmic realm

You will receive personal message as a digital image to your e-mail. In case of incoming additional information I am going to deliver it on top as well.

If you are having a question, a hard time to follow the light or it feels like you are lost, feel free to ask some guidance.

I will do my best to connect you with the relevant information.





You will receive a custom artwork on canvas made for you. I will intuitively connect with my angelic team to create an artwork in order to bring the cosmic codes into physical reality. 

By having this art piece in your home, the whole Universe is being invited to join your life. And this is the point where magic will enter your life once again.

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