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Geometric Constellation

I speak through the art of geometric constellations with a purpose to activate your superpowers here on Earth. Through the energy of your intent you allow these geometric codes to reach you. It doesn’t matter if your mind understands it in a human-ish way, most important is what you feel and what memories are brought up from the archives of your soul  when you interact with this divine art.

Cosmic Codes

It takes a clear mind and freedom of soul to feel the art fully, whatever you look at in the moment  - light language can be expressed in words, in sound, in movement. By practicing the written form of cosmic language, I understood that I am asked to dive deeper & bring to surface ancient teachings and messages in a form which my-present-self feels most aligned with.

Handpoke Tattoo

When you leave the ink under the skin, you know, it's forever - as long as you are in your body suit. Tattoos in my world integrate a higher perspective, an intention what actually is strong enough to give power to body to accept ink and support your journey. It's a scar. And scars very often portrait the will and strength of your being.

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