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When geometrics started to flow through me, I couldn't catch the bigger picture and why it would be essential to go this way.  All the experiences I've gone through (mostly all type of relationships between two humans) showed me the importance of my own "thing", of my own freedom of expression.


What do I offer? 


Firstly, geometric constellations, symbols & sigils for YOU: mostly for personal empowerment in a digital and printed form & custom tattoos.

Secondly, symbols & logotypes for your personal business.

Symbols from ancient perspective are huge information holders. Furthermore, we are surrounded by all kind of symbols on daily basis. People think that symbols are invented by human but, in fact, they are distinctly brought to Earth from the universal information field which we are surrounded by & literally our own beings are information (energy) encapsulated. Lines, circles, geometric layouts are patterns of Nature and they interact with us on a cellular level.

People have forgotten the language beyond language. Mystery, magic, trust in unknown. These are primal forces within each of us. When you shift your perception from obvious and predictable life to everything-is-possible mentality, you receive the biggest gift. Gift of being a human on Earth.


So basically, I believe that each person has a free will and choice to create life where their soul is nourished, where life gives ways to grow and follow the path of evolution. Changes & adaptation are inevitable. What you experience now, is a result of your choices in the past. Sounds logical? You don't need to have scientific evidence to believe in this. My dear, with awareness of your actions and thoughts, you can move worlds, you can break through old cycles which keep you stuck in many unhealthy loops. Before the environment around you changes, The Shift is initiated in your own life by the way you speak with others, the way you interact with each structure on Earth and the most important: how you treat yourself. 


I know how it is to feel unworthy, I know how it is to experience sh*tty scenarios and live on a survival mode. And I know how to come back to my inner power where no judgement over my own choices exists. I am done with it, I learn to respect what I am given in this moment and learn how to navigate myself through my own false beliefs.


So I started to live with an I N T E N T I O N. Each day I learn to be present, pay attention to how I move, what I speak & express and witness how it affects me. I bring intention & meaning to daily practices. Have you ever asked why you are doing what you do? What for? Is it serving the Highest You (the most authentic you)? The way you bring your intentions in the physicality is essential. That’s where imagination & manifestation operates together. That's how geometric art is one of ways to embody your story.


I remember that my grandma was obsessed with listening to all kinds of people's stories. At that time, I didn’t even realize how significant it is going to be for me as well. I really feel called to ask questions, challenge one’s  beliefs and touch the topics one might never enter on his/her own. Somehow people have always opened their hearts towards me, because I get fully naked when I talk. With naked I mean transparent, authentic & true to myself. I don’t see a sense in masks and hiding my true nature. I learnt to embrace all the weird shades of me because this is how I feel the most alive.

I start with conversations. Mostly digitally: through chat, video call or e-mails. Whatever the form is, it depends on which channel feels more liberating for you. Creating a personal symbol for you is a process of deep inner healing. Speaking your unique voice and truth, telling the story of your life and touching the topics you would like to transform into lines takes courage and total letting go of whatever it is you have identified yourself with.

Geometric constellations are intuitive work. It's always viewed as a complete structure. It flows through me when I have emptied my  own being, so the information can enter and transform into lines. When I draw, I don't necessarily understand what exactly I do, and I don't even need to rationalize this process. The art language is beyond your vision, it's felt by heart.



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