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Tattoos are a serious deal for a lifetime. At least, this particular life. Tattoos are an ink injected in thousands of your skin cells and afterwards become a healed wound in your body. The history of this body art reach even Egyptian mummies, that means tattoos were alive throughout the whole evolution of humankind. It's not just a mainstream thing though.

I feel tattoos as a sacred expression. When my own skin is being tattooed, I set intentions and create a meaning. My tattoos have intentional energy behind it & this is what amplify the power of them. Well, that's totally fine if you want your tattoo just as an art piece without knowing why you want it, nothing wrong about it. I just love to look at my tattoos with awareness & reminiscence of my own life. And when I look at each of them: I re-create a significant push to keep going. Look, my first tattoo was a type 'today I am thankful'. Almost each day I come back to it & send my gratitude towards now moment. Because we, people, forget to say thanks for simply having this body, our experiences & everyday moments.


From the wisdom of physiology, we need to take into account the fact that tattoos are interference with human natural system. As well as everything you put on and in your body, starting with beauty creams and liquids accompanied by foods & medicaments etc. Before you proceed with the decision to get a tattoo, I suggest to do your own research and consider your health conditions. Anyway, before you get tattooed, we will go through the main information & conclude whether it's okay for you to have a tattoo.

A healthy human with a good immune system should have no problems with the process and healing. It's never just an artist's responsibility to make the process safe & hygienic. It also highly depends on your life previously, your health history and, for sure,  aftercare of your fresh tattoo.

And what else, handpoke tattoos are softer, easier and more pleasurable experience for your body and nervous system.


Briefly about me and my background in tattooing: I started at the beginning of 2020. Yes, I am fresh here and I have nothing to hide. In fact, I trust the knowledge I gained through my life before tattooing.


Couple years ago I attended Health sport specialist program in Riga Stradins University where I learned a lot about human body & basic processes within. I though I want to become a fitness trainer but I felt it's not my thing, so I left after almost 2y of studies. Yes, I don't have a paper to show you, but in my eyes the document doesn't say anything about the real professional experience. Afterwards in 2020 I started to learn tattooing in highly rated handpoke studio in Hamburg - Kokosmaedchen. In the end of summer I continued my apprenticeship in Adeqvat, where I had a possibility to learn from machine tattooers. Again, I don't have a paper which says I finished apprenticeship because I discovered I can't and don't want to be a regular tattoo artist who do this thing each day. I highly trust my soul path and now that my own experience & knowledge will bring me the most valuable result. But there is one paper I can highlight - certificate of minimal hygiene requirement knowledge. 

On top of that, you can take a look through my works and decide if this is what you want and if it serves your expectations. Moreover, you will feel it during our first meeting. Energy never lies. I am not interested in tattooing just because it's trending or just for the sake of money. I am interested in soulful connection & creating a symbol which will be a symbol of your own power and internal wisdom.


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