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at the G o d ' s door

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

look around you. it's time to wake up & open the door of m a g i c.

Symbols/signs all around us in all kind of forms and expressions are communicating with us. forget the language, nature teaches you telepathic communication. which flower speaks to your soul the loudest? which mushroom you are terrified from? what about rain? and the moon?

this is the door which stays forever open. come as you are, be late, be angry, be pissed, be in love, be a lucky one. come home, child.

P.S. If you are NFT collector, this piece is available on Rarible : press here and, by the way, if you don't see the image, wait a second, it may load a bit longer than usually.

P L E A S E, credit me when publishing this artwork on social media or elsewhere : ) I would really appreciate that.

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