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mellow whispers of signs & symbols ✦

there is everything. imagine all the stories & fairytales ever told mixed in the pot with all the individual experiences. oh and the dream realm? dude, how endless fields of information & expression there are.

so if you decided to grow your seeds in one field & next year an autumn breeze helps you to drop your essence somewhere else, it is totally fine because this is what flowers do. flowers.. their songs enchant a human being without any suspicion of being put under the spell. well, they don't use language humans are so dependent on. aren't we?

the development of language from a perspective of history took some precious time, just hundred thousands years. and you, dear human, you are here (at least in this lime-time) for not that long, I suppose. feels unrealistic & mindblouuuuwing to conjure up an ancestor portrait. em, who most likely had a huge long beard and sounded more like somebody who would try to speak with a hot potato in his mouth. history breaks the rules of time, and once you think you are so advanced, *click* thousand years further : you break down into a primitive structure.


holy rhubarb! I love to speak, I love to hear & read but so freaking much gets lost into translation, decoding what the heck actually that person just delivered at your door?! we firmly believe that words & meanings on both sides: entirely same. I write mine now & I keep in mind that for you this can mean an exploration of a new galaxy but for somebody else it's going to be a dish he has got poisoned with in early childhood.

that's why symbol & sign language is one of my favorites. you receive an amount of information which is mutable. very often it's not a logic sequence of words, sometimes the context is missing, and almost each time you are not sure about what exactly you seize. exposing your senses to symbols crack open those archives of your soul. what I learnt on my way: symbols can be created & programmed for our own purposes/intentions. this is what our ancestors did, voilà! when I look at the form of circle, I receive the wisdom of wholeness, perfection, cycles, God, unity & all the other good stuff. but what else I can do is: to draw the circle and, let's say, add some other elements so the result is something in between the known & never seen before. as it comes from my hand (or my hand is leaded, that's another topic ha) I am literally using the wisdom of our predecessors & simultaneously embodying the intelligence of my own being. this is a communication on multiple levels.

I believe that we don't need to understand or know the exact meaning of symbol (except the case we are eager to explore that & follow the known). in fact, I don't try to knowingly memorize which symbol is attached to which meaning. they come to me in combinations & bring a complex communication system within so using words to describe it won't always be the best practice. there is specific reason why we are drawn to particular symbols. we are drawn to the energy, to the ideas which have been cultivated for generations & imprinted in our bloodline. I do not deny the existence of so called 'bad luck' or 'evil' symbols, or black magic itself .. it's not an area of my expertise tho. but would that exist without a human? would hell & heaven exist without the interference of human? however, we, the same humans, sometimes do enjoy dark places. and there's no one to blame, as you don't blame the darkness for coming over every freaking night. every. every night you step into physical or metaphorical darkness.


I recently drew three symbol constellations. and till the very first sentence of this paragraph I didn't exactly feel what they are here for. sometimes 'do it with an intention!' is not as easy as it sounds. sometimes 'intention' does not want to come & I step back to receive. it's like a true friend of yours sent you a package, and you patiently wait for the delivery although you have no clue what's in. this triad gives me no words to describe the impulse I feel in my gut. I just genuinely smile when I connect with these replicas of totems because I know somebody is in search for them.

what is your connection with the triad down below?


blessed to be surrounded by waters,

blessed to be,


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